The Landwhale’s introspective, atmospheric electronic music continues to evolve with his latest E.P. “Pray”. This is the third E.P. from The Landwhale, following several singles released over the last year including “Kindling” and “Turn Back”. Coming in at 30 minutes in length with a total of 8 tracks, “Pray” pushes the anonymous producer’s unique sound further, incorporating more vocal samples and live instruments twisted into deep, haunting tones that blend seamlessly with lush, moody soundscapes. The music is simultaneously ambient and beat-oriented, merging other-worldly textures and dense rhythmic patterns in a style that recalls Aphex Twin, Bjork, and Burial.

"Gritty bass, spacey guitars, pitch-shifted vocals, and dreamy beats are just a few of the essential elements of The Landwhale’s sound. There are no holds barred here; all sounds are considered when one doesn’t confine themselves to a genre and instead goes for a mood like they do, unleashing something chill, melancholic, contemplative, and slightly dark upon the world."


"Take Ever" single is now available to download free/pay what you like. Just click on the download link on the soundcloud player.

Burial - Archangel (The Landwhale remix)

Download link:

Vocals are from a cover version of Burial’s “Archangel” on Youtube by Amy Hatswell.


"Ghosts on Empty/Midnight Seeds" by The Landwhale.

This is a two part piece, Part 1 is “Ghosts On Empty”, Part 2 is “Midnight Seeds”. 
Don’t know what this is really, a mashup/dj mix, samplefest, whatever you want to call it. 
It was quick and fun, don’t usually sample in this manner but always wanted to make a sample based work. This could be a start to said E.P./Album, who knows.

Contains samples both short and long, some manipulated, some mostly unscathed, combined with original beats and song fragments that needed to find a home.

Anyways, hope you like.


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